Saturday, September 22, 2007

My favorite get away with her!


We only went to a few places by ourselves during our two tours in Germany. One weekend we took the old beater - a 1990 7 series BMW - 4-5 hours south, to lovely Switzerland. We went to lake Lucerne. It was a blast. I wish we would have went once a year. Just being in a place with a beautiful blue lake, mountains, and her. But alas I did not occupy the time and now I have some beautiful red lakes, red dirt, and some hills down in southeastern Oklahoma that we natives call mountains.

On the way down the beater heated up in a stau (traffic jam), so I had to pull of and let the beast get some water.

We used wonderful mapquest to navigate but oh the trips would have involved less yelling, if I would have invested in GPS!

We arrived late, and all was forgiven. Our mountain view was a view of other hotels (always go with lake view especially if they are more expensive). But we were positive, we were going to have a good time because lodging in Switzerland is not cheap.

I had to take some pictures before we went to bed. She looks marvelous!

The next day we had a blast! We caught a boat and road across the lake to the train that would take us up the mountain. Can you believe I suggested we drive to the train and save the money? I guess I was not thinking - romantic trip!!! Duh.

We road up the mountain in this..Doesn't it look like the train on Mr. Rogers? That was the one ahead of us.

So we get up the mountain. Took a bunch of pictures. A bunch because we just bought a digital camera...welcome to the new century.

I had this bright idea to stop at one station down the mountain and walk to the next. It was a long walk but fun.

We then spent the evening walking around the town of Lucerne. It was awesome. I miss having beautiful places that close.