Friday, November 14, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Word Play

Well this is really embarrassing to admit. Not only do I butcher the English language when writing (eg. to vs. too, by vs. buy, you're vs. your, effect vs. affect). But I also mispronounce words. For instance today, I learned that cumin is a spice for Mexican dishes. I was wondering if it was really needed in chili and was advised not to exclude it. Well when my wife came home, I said I had to run to the store to buy some cumin but I was pronouncing it come-in. Well she quickly corrected me and I even looked it up to make sure she was right, and yes, I was way off. It is actually pronounced KUH-mihn. So thankfully, I knew where the spices are stocked and did not ask the grocery lady where the cumin was located. I could have been arrested!!!

I have also misused words because of my German mom. She used to always use the phrase "chew them down" when referring to the act of bargaining. Now I really hope that was the phrase she was using. Well this year at the ripe old age of 42, I learned no one says "chew them down" but instead uses the derogatory phrase "Jew them down." I was mortified. I mentioned it to my cube mate and he said he was always shocked I used the phrase since it wasn't Christianish. But I found out I am not alone. A friend from Indiana used the same phrase.

So if I have ever been offensive it's due to my German heritage.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Miss you Zane

Tonight I received horrible news. Recently I made contact with an old fraternity brother, Zane, who was a blast to be around. We both had an AG background but at the time we were pledging a fraternity and pretty much just being stupid. However, a bond was formed and when it came to naming my son just 7 years later, I chose Zane as his middle name rather than giving him my name - okay Judy was not going for Stephan Zane. I really liked him and also thought the name was a cool California name rather than a Western novelists name (Zane Grey).

I googled him this summer and found his facebook site. We shot a few messages back and forth on facebook and found out he was here in Oklahoma for the Summer. I called him twice and left dorky a messages on his phone like "give me the creed pledge" or something like that. I never heard back so figured he moved back to the Northeast.

Today I receive a facebook message wanting to know if I was Zane's friend and that I should call or message back at my earliest oppertunity. I just figured it was someone trying to track him down and was planning on calling Zane before giving information out. After a few messages back and forth, I read this "Steve, Zane passed away early yesterday morning. He was hit by a car and died instantly." It was gut wrenching and right now I am wishing it was just a sick story.

I called her up on the way to pick up my son from church. I was supposed to take my Josh Zane to get something to eat but I am just driving aimlessly around our city talking randomly about memories. I told her how he used to open his wallet and start showing pictures of his family and then come to a picture of Elvis and say "this is my dad." Man it was cheesy and I would just laugh. We would do stupid stuff to pledges but more in a fun, relief way as opposed to harsh treatment. I plan to scan old pictures to show you some of the stuff. Hope I can find them soon.

The last time I remember seeing him would have been in the fall of 1990. He took a hop into Tinker AFB and I hauled him and my pregnant wife down to Ada to hit our old stomping grounds. Judy you're a saint for going along.

Since then we maybe interacted only two or three times until recently.
Our last "conversation" saved on Facebook

Me (Aug 3): "Hey is this Zane from...East Central University. If so, man how have you been doing?"

Zane: "Oh my god. I was looking for you last week. All over the internet. Oh my god. Wow."

Me: "Cool. Did I ever tell you that my son's middle name is Zane. I am so glad to find you but did not think you would be on the East Coast. We're still in Oklahoma but did two assignments in Europe" [noticed I had to slip Germany in the convo]

Z: "Brother, I'm in Edmond for the summer! I'm here now."
That pretty much was the end. Just a few days ago I checked his profile out because someone tagged him in pictures.

I was so happy to get back in contact with him and so wish I would have called, e-mailed, and messaged him more so I could have seen him before he passed away. Now I just sit her stunned, waiting to hear news of where his funeral is and paying my respects. Would have loved coffee at Starbucks, reminiscing about old times, and sharing new stories.

The mission of Phi Kappa Tau is to champion a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership, and exemplary character.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Lil Josh


I miss this guy.
My little buddy.
He is nearly all grown up.
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I need to post something...

I had a great time at the AIM breakthru conference, youth small group is going well, and I ran 3 times this week. Need to write about it but too tired. Need to finish up some studying so maybe this weekend. Until then anyone reads this :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Maybe she is part lab....

Today the dog, Sparky (aka Cujo) really made me laugh! I decided to plant some vines the neighbor gave me. By plant I mean jab and end in the dirt and water them. When I started the sprinkler the dog went absolutely mad. She started attacking the water. This went on for ever. Every now and then she would take a hack break - see my tweets for details. After I was through watering she would tentatively walk up to the sprinkler and I would turn it on. We went back and forth until I got bored - she was enthralled. Well then she starts barking at the thing like she's trying to get it to play. She is a blast but I know tonight the retching will start again so I am heading to bed early! I'm giving her antibiotics and pediatric cough suppressants. If that does not work I have a silver bullet.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New addition

Way back when, we did not get this dog---------->
It was on craigs list but was gone by the time Judy caved. But I learned

So I pretty much gave up the dog thing. Sound pastoral advice (thanks Gene) was to never take in a dog again - somehow we never keep it for more than two years.

Well crazy thing happened on the way to the pound looking for a kitten - we found this girl and she was screaming rescue me. So I call Judy telling her you wont believe what is at the pound - a pom. Just like the one she said she wanted after I had liquored her up. But she wanted a puppy next Summer (i.e. $300 & delayed gratification). Okay you know me cheap and I want it now. PLus I was doing it for her. When Judy first mentioned a pom, I thought that is an old fat guy's dog but oddly enough I love it. How weird is that?

Well she was firm on the phone. So we stopped communicating (she hung up - I kid) and I pretty much gave up on it...but we took the first two pics anyway. Later that night we talked about it but she was holding her resolve - so I casually showed the offspring - who I might add we potty trained and never got rid off even when they messed up the carpet. I knew Judy caved when she asked Summer if she wouldn't rather have a kitten. She astutely observed, we already have one and I want the dog. An unbreakable alliance was formed.

I rushed to the shelter Saturday morning and the dog was still there. Plus a good deal was even better - $25 adoption fee which includes - get this - spaying, heartworm tests, flea/tick treatment, heartworm treatment and vaccinations. I also can bring her to four days of obedience training.

So she has been home just over 36 hours and I am still happy. I was up early (4:45)taking her out - guess I have no excuse for not doing morning devotions. She hangs right by me. She throws a little fit being kenneled but I think she is coming around. The cat is curious but has not totally warmed up to her. It won't be long before they are chasing one another around the house. Oh and get this - she fetches. I have a has a few dogs that just run around with whatever you throw but she brings it back and gives the toy (or sock) back. And she gets so excited at times she dribbles on the two year old carpet. How endearing! Really Judy it is.

I know I am a big kid - but I will be a responsible pet owner! Yet I am surrounded by scoffing friends, coworkers and neighbors who scream not again - don't you know the definition of insanity.

She still needs a name. Some names are wolfie, sparky and cujo but as I type this I am thinking "my precious!" and I will say it just like gollum.

Oh and some nameless person - initials country girl - suggested "someone elses". I can now empathise with her middle child's cry, "you hurt my feelings!" Boo country girl! Hope you enjoy the fried green cactus appetizers your getting in two weeks. Your cactus is going to die. And I will take a picture of you crying and blog about it!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Help me I've fallen...

A few years ago while in the land of hills and forests, I went to a men's retreat. While there I received a beautiful letter from my daughter, Hailey. In it she encouraged me to receive what I needed from Christ. She stated that I often am critical and hard to myself. She shared this passage with me. Ps 37:24-25 "If the Lord delights in a man's way,he makes his steps firm; though he stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand."

To me that says as long as I am after Jesus, He will make my walk stronger. Too many times we try in our efforts but it is Christ in us doing the molding. We try to behave like Christians rather than just be Christians - imperfect people being perfected. So when we fail (stumble) we need to get up relying on His strength and not our own.

When my babies fell down, I encouraged them to get up and try again. Often times, I had to help them, walk beside them, or give them a strong arm to hold onto and balance themselves. So I guess I'll quit trying on my own.

I just shared this scripture with a friend and it moved me and reminded me of the above, so here it is:

Is 50:4-7 The Sovereign LORD has given me his words of wisdom, so that I know what to say to all these weary ones. Morning by morning he wakens me and opens my understanding to his will. The Sovereign LORD has spoken to me, and I have listened. I do not rebel or turn away. I give my back to those who beat me and my cheeks to those who pull out my beard. I do not hide from shame, for they mock me and spit in my face.
Because the Sovereign LORD helps me, I will not be dismayed. Therefore, I have set my face like a stone, determined to do his will. And I know that I will triumph. He who gives me justice is near. Who will dare to oppose me now? Where are my enemies? Let them appear! See, the Sovereign LORD is on my side! Who will declare me guilty? All my enemies will be destroyed like old clothes that have been eaten by moths!
Just look in the mirror like Stuart Smalley and just repeat the above until it gets in your spirit. Pray the word. LATERS.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Scorpions @ our house

No not the band....

...this kind.

Last year, my eldest - the baby who is nearly all grown up - and I were rushing around to get out the door for a missions trip to Mexico. I hear her cry out in pain, and my wife exclaims, "There is a scorpion!" I rush in and sing "Here I am to save the day!" I see the thing and just pulverize it - it was striking the whole time. Apparently, as Hailey was putting on a shoe she disrupted the scorpions nap or her pinkie toe looked like breakfast.

Anyway she was tough and we get on a bus ride from Oklahoma City to the Texas/Mexico border. Judy calls an exterminator and we are all good. After a month of being real careful putting on shoes, the critters are forgotten.

Well Tuesday night, I come home and ask the kids where is my other shoe that I store behind the sofa. (Not sure why this upsets Judy but I was trying to move them before she came home.) Well my second shoe was used to kill a scorpion they spotted in our hallway!

So off to Lowes and I sprayed some stuff that smells great. I plan to take a black light and look for some of its friends. I guess I will break down and hire professionals to spray for them. I am learning that they like to climb trees. That's what I get for planting them around the house - so now I get to spend my weekend caulking and weatherproofing the doors (I guess that gap I have been ignoring isn't good).

Friday, August 29, 2008

Beauty & the Beast - More than fairytale change!

Don't you think this could be the Republican ticket's theme?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Right Man

Just watched Hillary's speech. I thought it was good. Hope the right man gets Hillary's supporters.

Marriage has enlarged me greatly.

19 years of marriage has made me almost twice the man I was before meeting Judy. Marriage has definitely enlarged me and expanded my horizons.

Before Marriage. Back in 1988. You can't see the rolled up jeans in the shot!

Notice how when I was thinner in the waist and fuller in the hair - Judy is clutching me but later in life she puts Summer between us. I guess she thinks if I get hungry she can outrun Summer. And that was twenty pounds ago!

She has even encouraged me to pick up a tennis rack, go biking with friends over the weekend. Why she is so understanding and lets me out of the house for youth camps ("stay another night!"), youth mission trips ("you sure they don't need you in mexico for two weeks!?!"), lockins ("You're only hosting one this week?!"), and movie nights ("Hey I bought you a season pass!"). Why she encourages me daily to get out of the house! I don't even have to go visit her family on holidays - she insists I just hang out with my friends. That is so unlike some of my friends whose wives never let them out of the house - Aunestly.

She must really love me. If you love someone you have to set them free but she keeps saying something about a bad penny. What does that have to do with me coming back home?

Yeah I was a mathlete and not an athlete - JEALOUS!?!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Time Keeps on Slipping Into the Future

I am sitting here listening to some preaching and getting all sentimental. My daughter is a senior this year. I am thinking I need to spend more time with her and really regretting misplaced priorities. I have a finite time with her in my house and its making me realize where have I focused my time with her, her mom, and her two siblings. Its not that I love her most, its just her maturing that is hitting me like a 2 X 4 upside a mark. Is there a mark do you see it?

Anyway, when she was about 5 years old, I was TDY at some lamo conference but one time management seminar was really good. And it posed the question if you had one more hour in the day what would you do with it, and I put devotion and family. Then it encouraged you to restructure your day to hit your main priorities.

At that time in my life, books and watching TV took a lot of my time. Then it became playing computer games sometimes through the night and being all grumpy on Saturdays and Sundays. I had the opportunity to be with them in Europe where we could have seen castles on the weekend or went on a cool Summer day bike ride but Age of Empires, Starcraft, etc. took my time. Now I run home to read the latest blog, check CNN and FOX NEWS, and then check several social sites, all while competing with my kids for computer time.

Tomorrow night I plan to tell them all after supper that I am sorry that when I tore up my games in 2006, I picked up other things to fill my time instead of spending time with them. I say Jesus and family are important to me, but my time is not showing that. How about you?

Heb 12:1 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily hinders our progress. And let us run with endurance the race that God has set before us.
You see, realizing you need to spend more time with your kids and doing it are two different things. I have just a one more year left with my baby. But maybe it's not too late for you!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My friends are laying it all on the line!

Just got a letter from good friends. All I can say is wow.

Hi there…

So here’s the deal… “We’re done!” We can no longer sit in our safe, secure suburban life and watch the world from our armchair. We can’t sit idly by while an entire African generation is wiped out due to AIDS, leaving an orphan epidemic. Neither can we sit by while another American generation becomes video game zombies with zero passion about anything worthwhile, amazed that the world is not just about “them.”

When Jesus saw James and John fishing, He walked by and said “Follow Me”… and something in James and John knew that this man was worth following. Jesus didn’t say that he would make it easy, he didn’t promise a 401K, he just said “Follow Me.” So that is what we are going to do. We are going to go, and do whatever He tells us. With three children to raise and support, this is not just a whim. This is a commitment to become who God made all of us to be. We are excited to show our kids what the kingdom of God is all about…righteousness, peace, joy, power...We are even more excited to show them that spending another Saturday in a mall is not what life is all about.

God has called us to work with G42, an organization whose purpose is to raise up a generation of radical Christ-followers. Our desire is to live in a community of believers, of radicals, who are unashamed of the Message and who are dedicated to train an army of compassionate, loving, young adults to live as Jesus Christ—to love first, to care for the orphan and widow, and to proclaim His message of grace and power.

The ministries of G42 are currently The World Race, Nsoko Children’s Villages, and Leadership Training Centers. The World Race is a year-long missions trip that combines elements of adventure, community, and kingdom—a microcosm of what we’re about. The Nsoko Children’s Villages are self-sustaining villages, housing up 8-10 orphans each that provide vital necessities for children who have been unwilling victims of the AIDS virus that is running rampant through Africa. The Leadership Training Centers around the world will equip and disciple a generation of Christian businessmen, civic leaders, and pastors.

I hope you can see why we’re passionate, why we believe so much is at stake, why we feel such urgency. And though God has called us to this ministry, we can't do it without a lot of people behind us. Obviously we need prayer…to open doors that need to be opened, and to close others. Miracles, supernatural happenings... can and will happen, we are sure of it. We also need your financial support--food and shelter are good things! You know us and our hearts—you can trust us to be good stewards of your money and prayers—we won’t squander either of them. We will be based out of Europe and initially will need your help to be self-sufficient for the necessities of life.

We will send more updates soon, so you can know what we are doing and how the work is progressing. Please think about supporting us. We’d love to hear from you, so please reply.

Read more in Dave's blog.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Life in a garbage dump - what if it was you?

A blog entry really hit me hard today. I don't know how to repost a whole blog entry but check it out here.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Do I open my home to this little guy

After Lucky ran away, I said no more dogs. I was mad that he was always outside. Some good friends came through and had their two dogs with them. One was a German shepherd and Judy was wanting one for about a day or so. Which got me all thinking about getting another dog - I never learn. However, I don't want a dog that big!! I said too bad they don't have mini-Shepherds.

Well then I see this little guy on Craig's List.

Rocko needs a new home!!!

Rocko is a seven month old pup!!!He weighs about twenty five pounds and thats as big as he will get!!i just had a baby, and im unable to show him the attention he is wanting...he is house trained, kennel trained and good with kids, dogs and cats..He would like to have a fenced in yard and maybe another dog to play with but not a must...there will be a very small re-homing fee to insure he goes to a loving home !!e-mail me if interested and i will send more pics then!!!

Well I sent an e-mail and I am assured he won't get bigger - a mini Shepherd see!!! He is the best dog ever but yet someone is giving him away. Hmmm. He even said there are many people wanting to look at him - yet DAYS LATER he is still available. IT'S A SIGN. The auditor in me is skeptical but the ADD dude is saying please let me get him. I will love him, walk him, neuter him, and then a day or two later fill up his water bowl, scoop poop, and wonder why I ever got him. So should I? Immediate gratification or do I use wisdom?

Oh faithful readers - okay reader - help a brother out. Wait before you give me advise don't forget the spiritual aspect of having this dog. Yes, there is a spiritual benefit. I will be having middle school kids at my house twice a month for discipleship. And I may be boring, but they will love this dog. Right!?! Then they will come and draw closer to God. Plus by the time Spring rolls around I could give him away as a prize for best attender. Or Winter. Depends how long he peaks my interest.

Have you seen the SNL, Mile Myers skit where he is chained to the monkey bars - that is me and Judy is trying her best to restrain me. She has caved to at least looking at him tonight! Oh yeah. She is even saying we would have to name him Wolfie if we do. C'mon, make daddy happy.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Separated but Not Forgotten

This blog post by Seth Barnes made me think of how cool it is when friends / family reunite. It amazes me how you can have minimal contact, be separated for months or even years, yet when reunited it feels so good (okay could not resist the cheese). Enjoy but don't let the little ones see this!

In 1969, two friends, John Rendall and Ace Berg, purchased a lion. At the time, Christian the lion was a 35-pound cub. He had been born in a zoo. The friends raised Christian in their London home. All three hung out in a friend’s furniture shop on the weekends.
Within a year, Christian had grown to 185 lbs. Rendall and Berg realized they couldn’t keep him much longer. But they didn’t know what to do with him. A chance encounter changed that. Two actors from the film Born Free walked into the furniture store.

The actors recommended a conservationist, George Adamson, living in Kenya. Christian was soon in Africa. There he was rehabilitated and released into the wild.

In 1974, Rendall and Berg decided to visit Christian one last time. He was now a wild animal. Adamson told them it was doubtful that Christian could be found. No one had seen him in nine months.

The two flew to Kenya, anyway. On the day they landed, Christian appeared outside Adamson’s camp. Somehow, he knew. He waited outside the camp until Rendall and Berg arrived.

This video was taken during their reunion with Christian. What a story! What a video!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Kid Are Back!!

They are sleeping right now but they had a blast in Costa Rica the last 10 days on their youth group's mission trip.

Friday, May 30, 2008


I've been doing a lot of second guessing lately. Wondering if I have made right decisions. Seeking counsel and finding nothing settles this restless mind of mine.

Then I get this e-mail from our youth pastor:

Want to encourage you to stay true to your time with the Lord. Without a renewed mind, (Romans 12:2), then we may take up things we are not suppose to take up or lay down things we should not.

Our life is not about "our" life but God's Kingdom and His purposes. Praying for you all daily.

I appreciate and love you much!

Sometimes we need to listen to whispers. Funny how God can talk to us in a simple e-mail to youth volunteers. I realize I have been pretty self centered and that always seems to frustrate me and my household. And the friends who keep seeing me wandering around aimlessly.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Snoop Cat

This month has been bad on animals at our house. Friday night our cat - Snoop Cat, Snoops, or Snoopy cuz it really does not matter what you call him - got out so now we have to runaways. We have not seen him since...and no he is not out for that -- he is fixed. Maybe that is why he ran away or is it this pic?

I know the bible says God will rebuke the devourer but Lucky and Snoops were desired free loaders. Oh well, I think the pound is wondering if I am psycho and at least I am getting to know neighbors.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I miss my dog. He's been missing since last Sunday.